Movement in
Kiwi Kids

about us.

We offer both curriculum based and specialty classes for kids from 7 months to 13 years of age.
With a mission to Inspire Movement, MyFirstGym is focused on mobilizing our little members by offering programs that develop the skills kids need while also encouraging kids to move their bodies in and out of our MyFirstGym studios.

Our aim is to get kids interested in fitness from an early age, in a secure and fun environment. We encourage parents and kids to bond and play together, and also offer services to take care of them while parents claim a hard earned break.

All of our classes have been designed to get children moving and learning; with an emphasis on building children’s confidence, imagination, problem solving and socialization skills through fun activities, fitness courses, and exercises to develop motor skills and coordination.

what taylor thinks…

I loved MyFirstDance the best, and letting my Mum and Dad go on a date. I met some new friends at the gym. I can’t wait to go back and play.

what taylor’s mum thinks…

This was Taylor’s first time at MyFirstGym, she didn’t stop talking about it for a few days! I highly recommend to other parents – for a date with hubby or event just for some time out!

photos of the month…