About Us

We’re All About Helping Kiwi Kids Grow Up Fit And Healthy!

We offer both curriculum based and specialty classes for kids from 7 months to 13 years of age.
With a mission to Inspire Movement, MyFirstGym is focused on mobilizing our little members by offering programs that develop the skills kids need while also encouraging kids to move their bodies in and out of our MyFirstGym studios.

Our aim is to get kids interested in fitness from an early age, in a secure and fun environment. We encourage parents and kids to bond and play together, and also offer services to take care of them while parents claim a hard earned break.

All of our classes have been designed to get children moving and learning; with an emphasis on building children’s confidence, imagination, problem solving and socialization skills through fun activities, fitness courses, and exercises to develop motor skills and coordination.

As a parent you have one of the most important jobs out there because you are responsible for your child’s development.The majority of this happens most rapidly in the first five years. Up to 90% of your child’s co-ordination is developed before the age of 12 so it is important to get them active as early as possible. At MyFirstGym we want to empower you, as parents and guardians, to raise happy, healthy and confident children and to give them every advantage towards their future.

For Babies & Toddlers

  • Parents and bubs classes – bond over exercise
  • Introduction to balance and coordination
  • Spatial awareness and movement control
  • Singing and dancing
  • Introduction to gymnastics
  • Introducing social skills

For Little Big Kids

  • Continued motor skill development
  • Improve teamwork and problem solving
  • Build coordination, speed and strength
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Strengthen hearts, lungs, muscles

What your child should expect from their first class…

Our mission at MyFirstGym is to make every child feel at home and comfortable. From the moment you walk through the doors you will be greeted by our friendly coaches, shown where to put your belongings and introduced into your first class. Our classes run for 45 minutes each so kids be prepared to push yourself, learn new things and most importantly, have lots of fun!

Make sure you have had some healthy food before so you’re all fuelled ready to go!

What you as a parent, can expect from your child’s first class

Our classes are starting to fill up so please let us know when you and your little ones are coming down to check us out. We encourage every child to bring a water bottle but please note there is no food to be consumed in the gym. Shoes and socks for kids are to be taken off when you arrive and put into our cubby holes inside. For a child’s first class we recommend you stay and support them if possible, please come 15 minutes before class so you can meet the coaches and have a look around.

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