Kea (2-4 years)

These classes introduce basic gymnastic movements for your toddler. We teach kids to understand spacial awareness and develop movement control with your assistance. What to expect:

  • A welcome and farewell song
  • Basic gymnastics techniques and movements
  • Song and dance activities
  • Equipment and obstacles to build motor skills & coordination
  • Use of props and actions for learning about colours, numbers, and the body.

Takahe (4 years)

This class gives your child their first taste of our activity-specific classes. We focus on early gymnastics, dance, bootcamp and ninja warrior (martial arts).

We teach our takahes to understand the importance of movement and take on the fundamental practises of exercise. Within this class, we also introduce a variety of higher-level fitness activities for their age, incorporating coordination, strength and teamwork skills. The class aids in school readiness through the refinement of essential movement.

Fit Kidz (5-7 years)

This class introduces a variety of fitness activities for your child. We work on improving children’s coordination, speed, agility, strength and teamwork skills.

Fit Kidz (8-10 years)

This class develops fitness components and introduces resistance-based learning. We facilitate team-based games and activities to introduce a competitive element to the class.

Fit Kidz (11-13 years)

Our final class will challenge your child’s fitness levels in individual and team activities. We encourage kids to push themselves to the next level and master the tasks they participate in. With the right environment, your little Kiwis will fly!

MyFirstBallet (4-9 Years)

Our ballet introduces the fundamentals of a structured dance / ballet class in a fun and noncompetitive way! We aim to have our children gain confidence as they learn ballet terminology, are taught basic stretching techniques and barre exercises, and are given the chance to move to music. This will definitely help your child develop an early love of dance!

MyFirstYoga (5-13 years)

Our children’s yoga program introduces the fundamentals of yoga and develops children’s mind/body awareness, in a fun and engaging way. Your child will gain confidence as they learn yoga terminology, basic stretching techniques and body-strengthening exercises. They are also given the chance to move to music. The class aims to develop an early love of yoga and physical movement.

MyFirstAthletics (4-7/8+ years)

Our children’s Athletic program empowers children as they learn the rules and fundamentals of various sports.

Confidence is high as our kids develop skills such as passing, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping, throwing, etc. while learning to play soccer, basketball, hockey, judo, touch footy and more.

The four-week focus for each sport includes exercise and fitness training, basic rules and definitions, court or field layout, skill drills and analytics specific to that particular sport. On the fourth week of each sport, the children are ready to play a friendly game “MyFirstGym rules” of course!

You will notice physical developments in your child as they now associate with the basics of the given sport and utilize the skills in preparation for their chosen sport.

MyFirstDance (4-7/8+ years)

We have 3 children’s dance styles that are open to infusion of all 3; Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk classes that may alternate each term. With a focus on movement, the dance classes develop kid-friendly movements based on these dance styles’ choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and learn full and fun dance routines. These classes are designed to help develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fun fitness as a natural part of children’s lives! Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity and coordination.

MyFirstGymnastics (4, 5-7, 8+ years)

Our children’s Gymnastics classes are designed to get children to move using the basic principles of gymnastics. This class aims to give children more control over their bodies and focus on demonstrating the correct technique to develop control and relative body strength.

MyFirstMixedMartialArts (MMA)(4-7/8+ years)

Our children’s Martial Arts classes are designed to get children to move using the basic principles of martial arts; incorporating Olympic wrestling, submission grappling, grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai. This class makes our children confident with the correct use of technique and application of skills. Our classes are taken by former Australian, and two times New Zealand, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion Korey Gibson, with special guest appearances from high-performing martial arts fighters from different disciplines. Korey is the My First Gym Founder and the father of two young daughters. He has created our martial arts class to ensure Kiwi kids are taught the fundamentals of martial arts technique and self defence.

MyFirstNinjaWarrior (4-7/8+ years)

This action-packed training programme offers an obstacle course to bring out the ‘Ninja Warrior’ in your child. Our coaches will help them build the foundations for success. We focus on building strength, cardio endurance, confidence and athletic skills for your child to become a true ‘Ninja Warrior’.

whanau fitness

This class is one for the whole whanau/family. Parents and children can get moving through our fitness circuit, which uses body weight and cardio exercises. It’s our hope that the whole family will learn to love fitness together. Children can come to this with or without parents, or parents can come alone for their own workout.

self-defence classes

This is a class for the parents and “big kids”. Founder of My First Gym and former MMA Champion leads a group of adults through a self-defence programme to improve awareness, confidence and develop fundamental defensive skills that can be directly applied to practical, real-life situations. For members, this is included within the child’s membership. Classes will fun on a monthly basis in 2018 – June 11, July 9, August 6, September 10, October 15 and November 12 at 4pm.